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FTV Girls Review

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Summary: The whole concept of FTV Girls website is completely unique. I know it is hard to believe but even FTV Girls need cock and they love to fuck. Some of them do it exactly as you would think they would: graciously, lovingly and giving their partners a daring and cold look from time to time. You would normally expect FTV Girls to be skinny and rather default looking but in reality they are the most natural looking girls you’ll ever see, each of them having beautiful features which cannot be seen just by anyone, kind of like a precious diamond in the rough. The content on FTV being somewhat of a novelty regarding nowadays pornography. Not to mention that these girls are pretty hard to convince to participate in fucking and getting it caught on tape, this making things a bit more exclusive. But as soon as these beautiful FTV Girls see the cock that are eager to fuck them, they turn into greedy little cum whores as you will come to see.

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Review: The FTV Girls layout is just as bohemian and exceptional as the videos are. The navigation goes smoothly as expected and everything was designed in good taste, as expected. The colors are not too bright, not too contrasted, everything looking as it should, pleasing the eyes of the visitors on ftvgirls.com. The niche is completely unexplored so the people from FTVGirls are pioneers in this branch of classy pornography. They set up a pretty high standard for anyone who thinks of becoming FTV Girls’ competition because their videos are very diverse and for all tastes, starting with soft porn, masturbation videos and extreme fetish videos.

The girls on FTV Girls have a lot of charisma but if I had to change something about this website it would be that the girls on this site would be more eager to suck on a cock and not so distant. Most of them act like divas who only do porn because they’re bored not because they fucking enjoy sucking big dicks or licking each others’ pussies, so the diva complexes on ftvgirls.com is a bit of a downer.

Ftvgirls.com offers the same standard porn-site navigation having a button for new members, standard members, a special tab for updates which are uploaded weekly, a contact tab and a special tab for the hottest pics with FTV Girls. What is really cool about this site is that it can be translated into very many languages so you don’t necessarily need to be a native English speaker to find all of the dirty things you want to see with pretty models.

Even though you’d think these pretty women on FTV Girls aren’t able to do dirty things, if you look closer to these high definition pics you’ll see that some of them are pretty crazy in doing kinky stuff.

For example there is this brown haired cutie on FTV Girls with wavy hair is naughty enough to not wear panties while sitting on a bench and carelessly flashes her pussy for us to film it.

FTV Girls Celine

FTV Girls Celine

There is also a jaw-dropping beauty, with the same hair color and texture as the previous FTV girl who is so turned on by having her cunt played with that she chooses to shove a big cucumber inside of her delicate and tight pussy. Her pose is absolutely beautiful and graceful opposed to the outrageous gesture she is doing.

FTV Girls Clara

FTV Girls Clara

A sultry brunette who looks up at you while having on her side a pink and giant dildo is also an image which you will find on FTV Girls, one that will make you swoon and swell at the same time, no doubt.

FTV Girls Cass

FTV Girls Cass

Another kinky looking model with a daring look in her eyes looks back at you while being bent over and having her bare ass up in the air, being proud of the fact that she’s showing it on FTV Girls, underneath her shamefully short skirt.

FTVGirls.com Avery

FTVGirls.com Avery

But the most shocking and sexy image of them all, which I’ve come across on FTV Girls is that of a perfect pink pussy which is shaved and which gets penetrated by the heel of a sandal. Imagine how horny that top model must have been to have done such a thing…

FTVGirls.com Avery

FTVGirls.com Avery

Finally a totally opposite type of image that will also be suited for you kinksters out there is one where this exotic beauty on FTV Girls stays seated with her hair covering her tiny breasts and slightly throwing the viewer a wild look hinting to the fact that she needs a cock inside her as soon as possible.

FTVGirls Celine

FTVGirls Celine

Pricing: Being the exclusive porn website which it is, this site can afford to ask for you, as a future customer which will be very satisfied beating his cock to these delicate and beautiful women, to pay for a 30 days’ subscription $29.95. Or, if you happen to be really crazy for charismatic women who do both modeling and porn, $99.95 for 150 days which is a pretty decent way of saving money. I would have to say that this is a bit pretentious for a porn site but given the fact that FTV Girls is 100% authentic with real girls which have done modeling at some point in their lives and are eager to also perform nude and show their nasty side, it is a pretty decent price.

Final words/Conclusion: FTV Girls has to be the craziest and most original idea I have heard in that which regards porn material. The content is nicely managed, the girls are real and horny as fuck, not to mention that FTV Girls are really foxy, charismatic and natural so who wouldn’t get hard from watching something like that. They haven’t been in front of a camera before but they have no inhibitions and they love to be admired even when they masturbate, fuck a big dick, gag on another or even kiss each other. FTV Girls is a bit exclusive, being so original, expensive too so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, it is only for you ladies and gentlemen out there who have more refined tastes for soft, hard, rough and extreme sex videos.


FTV Girls Lily

Lily gets off with her dildo

Come and watch Lily from FTV Girls use her vibrating dildo on her taut body and amazing shaved pussy. You can watch as the vibrator makes her legs quiver and squirm. Watch her beautiful tits bounce while her juicy pussy gets more and more wet while she works the dildo around her swelling clit. Her legs are spread wide open, her feet squirming and swirling, so you can see how good it feels, and all she has to offer. While she gasps in delight in her chair, she works her way all the way around her swollen honeypot. You can see she is waiting with shivering anticipation of a dripping wet orgasm.

Lily’s sexy, long legs twitch and jerk as she comes closer and closer to finishing herself off with her long pulsating, blue dildo. This sweet and sexy little brunette squirms and writhes while rubbing out an orgasm, and her tight pussy doesn’t hold back. She grabs onto the fabric of the chair to stable her, and moans as a wave of ecstasy sweeps over her tight, hot body while she cums for you. On FTVGirls, she will give you a performance that will leave you wanting to see more.


FTV Girls Dara

Dara plays on her bed

Dara from FTV Girls, is a dirty, dirty girl who loves to spread her silky, white legs wide open for your pleasure. She pushes back onto the bed to let the camera get a close up shot of every nasty thing she’s doing and she explains every naughty detail. She licks her long, slender fingers to taste how warm and sweet her cunt tastes. Then she slides them deep inside her pussy, getting it wet and slippery so she can finger herself deeper and harder. She strokes her clit and plunges not one, but two, of her fingers deep insider her juicy, hot slit.

FTVGirls lets this beautiful blonde give you a show. She loves to talk dirty to you while she rubs and rolls her hand over her twat to stretch it open before she whips out her pretty, pink dildo. She slaps her bald pussy and takes out her favorite friend for a fun ride down her deep, wet hole. Dara licks and sucks on it so it that it slides into her body with ease, pressing it into her eagerly awaiting and aching pussy. She’s such a naughty girl clearly and is willing to let her dildo do the dirty work.


FTV Girls Haley and Hayden

Haley and Hayden love their veggies

FTV Girls Haley and Hayden love to eat their vegetables. Their daddies always told them to chew their food, but instead they decided it would be more fun to play with it. They decided they wanted to rub their tight little holes with them instead. Haley and Hayden first get them wet by rubbing them against their hot, naked twats. And when that isn’t enough, then they decide to go for a ride. They both get up on their knees on the bed and slide their bodies up and down on the juicy wet tool so that it penetrates deep into their hot, wet slits.

Hayden and Haley like it natural, but would definitely let your cock pump in and out of their sexy, young bodies, just like their natural selections. FTV Girls like to be naughty and share their sexual experiments with you. The blonde and brunette moan and groan as they ride slowly and deliberately up and down the twelve inch shaft that they balance on the bed. Who says blondes have more fun? Both dirty girls rub their clits in quick swats as they sway away on their tools and use their own sweet juices to keep the make-do dildos nice and wet.


FTV Girls Sierra

Sierra plays on the stairs

Sierra is FTV Girls favorite exhibitionist. She loves to play outdoors, where there’s a good chance a neighbor is going to peeking through his window while rocking his knob, or a surprised neighbor starts coming up the stairs to go to his apartment. She also loves double dildo play and penetration. She uses her candy cane colored vibrator to pound in and out of her pussy while her other rubber dildo spanks away at her swollen and throbbing clit. She has her creamy white legs spread wide open so you can see her sweet juices drip out from her engorged cunt.

Sierra moans and switches back and forth from toy to toy, pumping faster and harder, sometimes letting both toys push inside her. While her legs tremble in anticipation for an overwhelming orgasm she whimpers and shivers with abandon. She slows down for just a second to dig deep inside herself and then begins to feverishly batter her beautiful bald pussy with both dildos while she groans like the consummate FTV Girl that she is. She swirls one in and out of her while she lets the other toy pulsate on her aching clit until she is sure to cum.


FTV Girls Sammie

Sammie plays on the stairs

Sammie is a new girl at FTVGirls, but she takes directions like a pro. This beautiful brunette poses for some racy photos with instructions from her photographer and shows off her young and perky tits. It doesn’t take her long before she is running the show. Her top comes off and she spreads her legs wide open to fondle her stunning shaved pussy. The cold marble stairs she is sitting on makes her spectacular nipples stick up hard and erect. She might look like she isn’t ready, but it doesn’t take her long to warm up to the directions.

She might be playing shy at first but it isn’t long before this sexy brunette, in her black, spiked stilettos is taking control, no instructions required. She uses her little pink toy to caress her smooth and young pussy while she shifts and squirms on the stairs. Sammie can’t play coy for too long, because this FTV Girl starts to wiggle with excitement as her cunt starts to drip with sweet and sticky excitement. She smiles bashfully at the camera as she begins to shimmy the vibrator inside her warm and wet vagina, rolling it around her pulsating clit, loving every second of it.


FTV Girls Marissa

Marissa plays on her bed

Now Marissa is a very special FTV Girl(my persona favorite from FTVGirls.com). This beautiful blonde is using a thick summer squash to stretch her tight pussy out. Her perky tits peek out from under her tight, red top. This natural beauty tells our camera man just how big her new play toy is as she plunges it in and out of her young and bare vagina. She might seem nervous, but don’t be fooled, this girl knows exactly how to play this game.

Marissa takes it deeper and deeper, but her little pussy is so tight, every time she pushes it in, it just slides right back out, because of how wet and horny she is. Our FTV Girls are only the most beautiful and naturally stunning girls we can find, and we don’t think we found one any sexier or rewarding than this barely old enough teen masturbating machine. She likes it deep and wide and loves to spread her supple long legs open for your viewing pleasure. You get to see her up close and personal and as if you were right on top of her while she pumps her make farmer’s market toy in and out of her gorgeous little hole.


FTV Girls Patricia

Patricia rides a fat dildo

Patricia knows her way around a dick and she isn’t afraid to show you just how good she knows how to ride a cock. This feisty and fit brunette pumps her way up and down a dildo suctioned cupped to her dining room table. If the pool boy isn’t available, her trusty back up plan is a drawer away. This FTV Girl has the sweetest and perkiest tits you’ll ever see and they bounce with every thrust she makes on her thick and long dong. She pumps on it like the horny, hot honey that she is.

She moans and groans with every hard and deliberate thrust down on to her realistic dildo. Her wetness makes a sweet, slippery smacking sound with every move she makes. Then, this FTV Girl lets us film her from behind so you can watch her tight, fine ass slow it down and ride her toy with a measured and seductive slither on her stiff, cock shaped tool. Patricia is one girl you have to see, to be believed. If you want a show where the fittest girl does the dirtiest of deeds, then be sure to look her up before she finds the real thing.


FTV Girls Vicki

Vicki takes on a big black cock

Nobody loves big, black cocks more than our girl Vicki does. This girl rides his thick, throbbing dick backwards so you can see her shaved pussy bounce up and down with reckless abandon. This striking brunette uses her fit body to ride this guy’s dick like she’s starving for it. She moans as he gropes at her sprightly tits and rubbing her swollen clit, going faster and faster with every thrust. And if this sex fest couldn’t get any kinkier, this FTV Girl is about to get it the hard way. He grabs at her and tosses her around the couch; manipulating her anyway he wants to drill into her slick, wet slit.

He turns her around and fucks her tight little hole while Vicki moans in delight. He spreads her sexy ass wide open so you can get a good look at her cunt gobble up every inch of his huge black dick, her juices dripping all over it. Her legs flail around while she wears her slinky black stilettos and she gets her pussy pounded by a long black cock. She likes it rough and being fucked like an animal. Nobody does it better than this FTV Girl.


FTV Girls Saima

Saima plays on the stairway

Saima is one of FTV Girls exotic beauties who love to play with her own pussy. We gave her a powerful vibrator and let her have at it. Her intensely perky tits are pushed out in full view from her tight, lacy black bra. The only other thing she decided to wear were a pair of kinky strappy leather red heels that click and clatter on the marble staircase as her legs quiver through not one, not two, but three orgasms. She might like to fuck, but this vibrator is calling her name.

At first she seems a little nervous, but after her first orgasm, she doesn’t hold anything back. She throws her head back groaning and squirming against the powerful fuck tool we let her use. Saima rocks back and forth into it, moaning and thrusting, giving back as much as she is being given. This FTV Girl loves it so much so continues to force her trembling clit against the vibrator, riding out another wave of pleasure before she finally has to put it down. She can’t believe how great the toy is and how bad she wants one for herself. She describes her orgasms in unbelievable detail.